»Bridging boundaries among national research data infrastructures«

Bridge4NFDI embraces the heterogeneity in the technical, semantic, and organizational layers of the infrastructure provided by the NFDI consortia, and their vertical domain-specific research data infrastructures. Complementing this, Bridge4NFDI will build a horizontal multidisciplinary meta-infrastructure, which will increase discoverability and effective use of domain-specific research data, with a perspective on supporting multidisciplinary research and data-driven innovation.

Our main idea is to provide a (meta-)infrastructure for research data, which acts as a general access point for the (meta-)data of the NFDI consortia and other existing infrastructures, and which comprises a variety of generic services that can be used by the other NFDI consortia. The following diagram provides an overview of the planned functionalities.

DPS, BRIDGE4NFDI Projektseite, 23.07.2019